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Should a volunteer service in San Francisco homeless, you will learn that they speculated that had things of the human spirit, this is not possible. San Francisco opens the eyes to experience homeless of the real situation. Thousands of people already have in the search for the needy in SF connect connected help. The Ministry of public health of San Francisco homeless connect project founded in 2004 to provide services to the community homeless. But quickly, the staff has found, the specific requirements of the community require innovative responses that want to help the homeless. The economic recession, which was soon followed by the inauguration of the project only increases the difficulties which already had collected direct when you try the serve people in the streets. Soon, there garcinia cambogia heart were many people in the street. Some of them, thanks to the mortgage crisis, were families who had no experience in trying, without a permanent residence for life. Approximately 1000 volunteers meet every two months, temporarily in collaboration with various organizations and companies in the private sector, to create a unique site that provides social services and health for the homeless in San Francisco. The community of volunteers from San Francisco, which could take months to eight different circumstances in a single day. Meanwhile, the community offers a customer without shelter vision and dental screening and treatment of various diseases and addictions treatment. They advise also to employment, housing, and legal issues. With the influx of new volunteer members of the homeless community has changed and customized services to meet the needs of families and war veterans. Personal project homeless connect is located [,],.